Wednesday, October 1, 2008

New Catholic Enrichment Co-op!!

After much prayer, advice seeking, and research...we have been blessed with the opportunity to host a new Catholic homeschool group! I'm incredibly excited to announce that my family has embarked on a journey of establishing a new Catholic co-op in our church. We are not alone in this, and there are other friends that are taking this step with us. And after many planning nights and meeting times with our priest, things are finally set for "GO!"

We are currently attending a Catholic co-op that has a wonderful group of moms. Unfortunately for me, the needs of my family have changed. It was a wonderful 1.5 years with them, but now it's time for us to move on. I'm absolutely ecstatic at the new possibilites that lay before us. From having a nursery and classrooms that accomodate students comfortably, to being able to enjoy the outdoors under a picnic shelter with a playground; our new meeting place meets all our needs to a "T."

I am especially thankful to our priest who so generously welcomed the idea and our group. Our parish is one that I have always loved and have always strived to be involved in. It is a place where my family has always felt welcomed and the kids have always looked forward to attending. I hope that as we start this new journey in January, we will all benefit from each other and develop a lasting relationship.

If you want to check out the group's website, just click below! My friend, Katie, did a wonderful job in putting the website together. I can honestly say that this was a big joint effort between her family and ours!

Holy Family Homeschool Enrichment of the Triad

I am looking forward to the planning that lies before us! In the mean time, we will be finishing off our semester at our current co-op. And although I wish all the members of the current co-op would join us, I'm thankful that they were there when we first started on our homeschooling adventure.

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