Saturday, February 26, 2011

Approaching Lent and Preparing Activities.

So last year, we did a Lent lapbook. It was fun, educational, and the kids loved it. But for the life of me, I can't find it!!! I can't even find a picture!! So sorry to all who have been asking if I could post something. I'll keep looking!

But in keeping with making things education and fun, we'll be working on another Lent Lapbook using Lapbooks for Catholics, Lent: A Journey Towards Easter. You can click on the title and it will take you to the webpage where you can purchase the whole thing for only $10!!

Other things that we are getting ready is our "Walk the Lenten Path" countdown to Easter. Last year we used this cute one from Catholic Icing and the kids loved keeping track of the days. Here is a picture of the ones the kids colored last year. They loved them!

This year, however, I actually made my own to use with my Faith Formation 5th grade class. I'm going to be letting my own kids choose which one they want to print out and color too, and so far they like the look of the new one!! I made one in black and white for my older kids to color and I also made one with the pictures already colored in to make it easier for my 3 year old. (You can see my color one below).

To countdown the days, they just put a sticker on each square every morning. But you can leave your squares blank and have your kids color them kids just love stickers, so I went that route. If you want to download a copy for yourself here are the links!!! Just click on "File" on the left side and then print.

Color Lenten Path Countdown

B&W Lenten Path Countdown

Also in the pipeline are some Stations of the Cross booklets for the kids to color and use on Friday's when we do the stations together. A picture posting of that once we get them printed and colored!!

So in the mean time, I hope these ideas get you started on your own Lent preparations! I also apologize for all the emails and messages in regards to my Lent lapbook from last year. Once I find it, I will be sure to take some pictures and post them ASAP!!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Valentine's Day.

How does the time go by so fast? Well, we've been staying busy doing some hard-core learning!! Of course, we have fun along the way too! This past month, we spent much of our time getting our St. Valentine day cards ready to trade with friends. Although it's so easy to just buy them, the sentimental touch is lost.

The kids really wanted to make their own and since I "hate" crafting (please insert sarcasm), I obliged and we spent a week making around 50 cards! They turned out great, although I've failed to take a picture of a finished product. You can, however, see how wonderfully messy our table got!!

It was a blast to get the kids' creative juices flowing in such a heart-felt way! And we were lucky enough that this year we were able to share the celebration at our co-op! The kids had a blast trading valentines, eating treats, and playing together. Getting home was part of the fun too as I could hear the kids reading their cards in their seats.

Isabella with her good friend Hannah.

I'm trying to help Anthony pass out his cards on the K-1 table.

I hope everyone out there had a great Saint Valentine's Day too! My kids are already excited about making valentines for next year! I think we'll tackle St. Patrick's Day next first, however!

A rare picture of me with my kids! Love them!!

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