Thursday, October 23, 2008

Choosing Saints.

Next week, we'll be celebrating All Saints Day both at our current Catholic co-op and at our church. The kids are especially excited this year and I've been working at helping them learn a little more about the saints they have chosen.

Marco will be dressing up as St. Joseph. He says that he is a good pick because St. Joseph takes care of all families. I though it was an excellent reason!

Isabella chose St. Therese of the Little Flower. She seems to be popular around here because of the Good Deed Beads I purchased at convention for the kids over the summer. In fact, we are planning on making our own sacrifice beads this week. St. Therese is also a featured saint in our Catholic Treasure Box books and we have been reading all about her this past month.

Anthony doesn't seem to have a good grasp about All Saints Day so far, although he does talk about being one of God's heroes. I imagine because that's how I describe saints to heroes that defend our faith. With all that said, I decided to dress him as St. Francis.

Christian, my little guy, obviously doesn't care either way about anything but Mommy nowadays. He'll be joining the crew as well, however, in his own Pope John Paul II costume. I'm sure he'll find a way to fidget his way out of it, but as long as I get a quick picture of him in it...I don't mind.

I will most definitely post pictures of the kids. Mind you that I don't have great sewing abilities at all and the costumes are merely made up of sheets and fabric remnants. In all, it's always fun to get the kids involved in their costume making. Just a few more finishing touches and we'll all be ready for next week!!

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