Saturday, October 25, 2008

BFIAR Revisited.

Anthony has been doing so well with BFIAR! When we started earlier in the school year, he was still so immature in terms of following directions and sitting still with the activities. Reading the books were never a problem, but he would lose it when it came to actually doing something. Running around is always so much more fun than listening to mom telling you what to do! I decided to revisit some of the books and basically start over because we never really enjoyed the activities.

I'm really glad I decided to go back and redo some activities! Maybe it was the whole turning 3 thing or he just had a mental growth spurt; but he has completely changed! This past week we did Jesse Bear, What Will You Wear? and it couldn't have gone better. We completed our scheduled activities and even added a couple. If you are curious to what our activity schedule is, you can find it here. The activities we added were dressing up an actual teddy bear, using pattern blocks to make a bear figure (and other figures as well), and making a bear mask. It's amazing to see all the kids in on the projects and working together. I think it is also a nice break for Marco from his more hectic school work.

Working with pattern blocks.

Anthony has gotten really good with his scissors!

All the kids working on their masks with our book as a centerpiece!

The final product!! Anthony wore his mask all day!

I used Word to print out the mask. I cut and pasted from the Black Bear Conservation Committee and then just sized it to fit the page. You can also read the story of the teddy bear on the same site as well as other interesting facts about bears. The kids enjoyed clicking through the site!

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