Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Nature Activity for the Week.

We have been ignoring our nature activities these past couple of weeks; and now that the weather is cooling off and the leaves are changing, I decided that we better get back to learning from Mother Nature! I've planned some outdoor activities as well as crafts.

This week we are reading our monthly issue of Your Big Backyard. We love this magazine because everyone enjoys the pictures and the stories. It also gives us great ideas on nature studies and crafts. We will also be doing the "Leafing Through Leaves" activity suggested as a go-along. In this activity you basically collect different leaves and make leaf rubbings. After collecting leaves and placing them in our nature journal, we will be using the following website to help us identify the tree that the leaf came from...What Tree Is It? This activity is simple enough for Anthony to enjoy, yet provides enough complexity for older kids. Trying to figure out the tree is like solving a mystery!

The Current Issue of Your Big Backyard.

We will also be doing the NWF Green Hour Activity. You can find it at NWF Green Hour. I'm sticking with the craft part of the activity, especially for Anthony and Isabella. Hopefully Marco will enjoy the poem writing. The great thing about all the nature activities we have planned is that they all go along with each other, making it easy to tie it all together. As you can see, I am a great fan of the National Wildlife Federation. Their magazines are great as well as their websites!!

You can find the whole NWF Green Hour Activity at their website.

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