Friday, December 21, 2007

I'm Back!

These past couple of months have been the busiest ever! It's this whole time of year that always keeps me busy. There's Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. We recently went home for Thanksgiving and for my sister's wedding. It was a difficult and fun trip. I got to see my sister get married and all the relatives I haven't seen since MY wedding! A big plus was getting to see some cousins that I hadn't seen since I was about 14. It was great!!

Now we are in holiday mode and getting ready to celebrate the birth of Christ. In-laws are visiting soon and I have to get the house ready. The kids are getting very excited with all the presents underneath the tree. Plus...what is Santa bringing this year? It's a fun time to spoil everyone with love, laughter, and fun.

Homeschool is moving along and I can't wait to be well into January. For now, we are having fun with Christmas unit studies and the usual MFW routine. I'm already starting to shop around for first grade materials...but that's a whole other story!!

I hope that you are all enjoying the season!!

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