Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Saints Day Party, Saints Alive, and School. Too Busy!

Today was stressful, busy, and fun! We celebrated All Saints Day at co-op as well as with our Faith Formation at church. The kids had tons of fun, but I'm exhausted. Besides waking up and not finding Anthony's St. Francis costume, forgetting some costume accessories, leaving everyone's lunch in the refrigerator, having four kids complain about breakfast, and being late to was a good morning! We prayed the Litany of the Saints before leaving home and it really helped lighten my mood like nothing else could.

The Saints Day party at co-op was fun for the kids. Besides being the end of my geography unit, we celebrated by singing "Siyahamba." All the kids did excellent! There was also lots of games, tons of candy, and all the kids got to introduce what saint they were dressed as. I did take off early, however, because I accidentally forgot our lunch and the kids were starving! By the time we got home, Anthony and Christian were asleep.

Isabella dressed as St. Therese of the Little Flower.

The kids starting to get ready for a group picture.

Anthony actually borrowed Christian's costume so that he could be in the picture.

Marco reading the clues to have everyone guess who is dressed's St. Joseph!

Of course, I must have an endless amount of energy today because as soon as we got home and I put the little ones to nap, I made Marco finish his phonics and math lessons. It wasn't too long after we finished with school that Anthony and Christian woke up and joined us downstairs.

DH was home today so I definitely took advantage and made him entertain Christian while I moved on to doing school with Anthony and Isabella. We are still reading Yellow Ball this week and we actually did a lapbook! It was really simple and I let the kids do all the cutting and gluing. They had a great time and Anthony LOVES his lapbook! It is our first together and I'm looking forward to incorporating them into our future BFIAR activities.

Isabella working on the lapbook.

Anthony cutting out a book for the lapbook while Christian smiles for the camera!

The finished product! We also got to play with a yellow ball today!

So, I bet you are thinking that this is the end of my day??? Do you think I'm kidding about all we did today??? (Pssst....check the dates on the pictures. They are all the same!) No Way! We quickly cleaned our school mess, ate dinner, and took off for the Saints Alive party at church.

It was fun!! I decided to get out an old costume for Anthony so that Christian could wear his own and Anthony wouldn't feel left out. Christian definitely stole the show! He did so well dressed as Pope John Paul the Great and he even left his hat on!!! The kids got to announce their saint, march in a parade, and they even got a necklace with a medal of the Holy Family on it (that's the name of our church...and our homeschool!). So I guess I saved the best pictures for last!

We arrived with the Pope on the Pope-Mobile!

Christian makes a cute Pope John Paul the Great!

My four little saints!

Christian happy in his costume!

One proud and tired mom with her saintly bunch.

And that concludes my day. Days like this are made of gold and never forgotten!

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Xhonane Olivas said...

Querida Liz, gracias por compartir estas fotos tan lindas!! Puse un link a esta entrada desde mi blog para compartirlas!! Dios te bendiga!!!

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