Thursday, July 10, 2008

Working on Character.

Lately, I've been working on some character/discipline training with the kids. The first on my list? "No" is not allowed. Instead, the only 2 words to be uttered are "Yes, Mami." So far, it is working really well. This is especially true of my 6 year old. Now he knows that there is no need to argue with me about anything, because the only 2 words I accept are, "Yes, Mami."

As for Anthony? This is really hard for the both of us. He is very strong willed and following through with discipline is very tiring since I have to do it so much! But I'm still going at it. Isabella is doing well and she is never usually a problem with requests.

Here are the main character/discipline traits that I have made a point of creating into good habits.

  • Always say "Yes Mami" or "Yes Papi." (BTW, these are the Spanish versions of Mom and Dad...or Mommy and Daddy. It's what the children call us.)
  • Use kind words.
  • First time obedience.
  • Be considerate of others.
  • Include siblings.
  • Clean your space after every meal.
  • Pick up after yourself (keep all personal spaces neat).
  • Complete all chores without arguing.
  • Use manners at all times (respecting others, proper table manners, respect others belongings)
  • Be ready for bed and in bed on time.
I'm sure I can come up with a whole lot more, but this is enough to tackle for now. I can honestly say that I am seeing improvements in many of these areas. It just takes time and most of all, consistency.

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