Friday, July 11, 2008

Having a Helper.

Every Tuesday and Friday I am blessed to have a mother's helper/babysitter for the morning and part of the afternoon. It is the time of the week when I can run errands with no children, make appointments, get some serious housework done, or just sit down one on one with Marco for school. It is such a big help because I am able to do things more quickly without the distractions of kids.

This was my last week having her come bi-weekly. We are making the move to Friday only. It's a bit sad, since knowing I had some backup during the week really helped me relax about the day to day tasks. But now that Isabella is joining the mix with homeschooling, it just doesn't make sense to have her over on Tuesdays anymore. I'm resigning myself to staying indoors until our work is done and I'm shifting my habit of going on errands and appointments twice a week to just Fridays.

Eventually, I'm assuming that we'll outgrow the need for a helper. For the time being, I'm really starting to get into schooling more with the kids. 1st grade has brought so many new subjects and projects that I just can't take any extra days off. I rather save the days for vacations, field trips, and time with Dad.

But having a helper is probably the best thing for a mom with lots of littles running around. Even trading days with friends is worth it (something I'm planning on trying out soon)!! We'll see how the rest of the summer goes with a little less help.

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