Saturday, July 26, 2008

Adding to our Preschool Activities.

I love Kaplan Early Learning Co. They have a giant selection of all things related to early childhood learning. From tables and chairs to books and curricula. They pretty much offer everything. Lucky for me, we have the Kaplan catalog showroom near our home. I go there every few months to check out their clearance section.

I have purchased our school furniture as well as a great alphabet rug from Kaplan. I also like to keep our preschool/toddler activities stocked with something new, and Kaplan is the perfect place to find those educational toys that keep the little ones busy. Here are some of my newest additions and favorite buys.

The Laurie Sorting Set is a favorite. I like that I can interchange the disks to create a new activity. The foam shapes are also fun to handle.

Wooden musical instruments. We have a small collection of instruments at our home and the wooden ones are my favorites. Every once in a while, I will take them out and do circle activities with the kids. Playing musical games teaches the kids to listen, follow directions, follow a beat, create a rhythm, and so much more! Exploring through music is just fun!

Lacing Shapes from EduShape. These are nice and flexible. They kind of look like the set to the right.

Activity Cube. We all know that toddlers and babies love those fun activity cubes. The one in our collection is like a soft shape sorter. It has extra tiles so that you can change the cube with different activities including a mirror, a felt tile, and a magnetic tile. The cube has interlocking pieces, so it's easy to take them apart and turn the cube into individual activities. I see this as a great toy for Anthony and Christian.

Junior Stilts. We still haven't tried these, but they look like so much fun! They are a great way for the kids to practice their balance and coordination.

Lego Dacta Duplo Numbers Package is our most recent buy (at the best deal imaginable). This is the educational division of Lego, by the way. This package came with tons of number and symbol tiles. Also included are double-sided activity cards, a storage tub, and large building plates. These are going to be great for all kinds of math activities and I'm excited to start using them!

You can certainly tell that I am a big fan of Kaplan. Actually, I really just like that I can purchase so many of their great resources as such low prices.

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