Saturday, July 19, 2008

Story of the World and Connecting with History.

I finally finished my long awaited project of combining Story of the World 1 with Connecting with History Volume 1 from RC History. I had been very skeptical of using CWH as our spine since I found it to be more work than what I wanted in terms of organizing and planning. I also felt that it didn't cover all that I wanted as it omits several ancient civilizations from history.

But after reviewing and thinking it through, I decided that CWH would have to make a good part of our history curriculum because I really want to introduce history from a more Catholic point of view. In the end, my spine is still going to be SOTW, but I'm including the recommended readings from CWH. I am also looking forward to the background reading provided in the CWH materials.

I have posted the schedule below, but you can also find the SOTW/CWH schedule here. Getting the dates to match is tricky when using more than one history curriculum. At this point, however, I am not concerned with exact dates. A first grader is just beginning to understand the concept of history, so exact dates aren't as important as getting the general idea of when things happened.

Included in my schedule are some readings and activities I have chosen to do. Most of the books listed were chosen because of their availability from our library or because I own them. There are certainly so many more options when it comes to choosing books. You can find a complete book list in the activity guide for SOTW as well as one in the CWH book or on their website.

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sklingele7 said...

I would be interested in seeing this schedule that combines connecting with history and story of the world!

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