Sunday, July 27, 2008

Making a Switch.

I have always been a fan of organic food. I have been one of those moms who has always made homemade baby food and bought as much organic as possible. In terms of anything else, I just purchase what I like. Lately, I've been really thinking about what kind of footprint I want to leave behind. The truth is, I want to be as kind to nature as I can. Perhaps going cold turkey with buying non-organic is not realistic for me. But I figure I need to start somewhere.

With all the late research about baby products containing harmful chemicals that are later found in infants' urine, I really started thinking about how harmful many products are. So little by little, I've decided to make the switch to natural, organic products. I'm starting with Christian. I am planning on slowly making a transitions to cloth diapers. Maybe I won't use cloth diapers ALL the time, but I am certainly going to cut back on the amount of disposables we use.

I actually have TONS of cloth diapers that I received as baby shower gifts ages ago. I just never used them as actual diapers. They were my handy burping cloths. Yesterday, I went and took out my cloth diaper stash. I can't believe how many I have...and most of them are new!

My next step was to purchase some diaper pins. I was a little weary about using pins due to the possibility of sticking the baby or myself. So I did a little shopping and found a great product.
Snappi Cloth Diaper Fasteners. I had actually seen a friend using them on her I knew what I was looking for!

Now that I had my fasteners, I needed some diaper covers. I visited a local organic baby store, O Baby Organics, and found some excellent diaper covers. You can find information for them at Bummis. They are really cute and I purchased a few to get me started. By the way, if you use Bummis, you don't need any fasteners. You just put your cloth diaper into the cover and it has it's own Velcro tabs.

I own a Diaper Genie diaper pail (not the kind you twist). Not at all convenient for cloth diapers, but I did find a really great product to help make cleaning up easier. It's a diaper pail liner specifically for cloth diapers! You can find more information at Wahmies. With this neat liner, once it's full, I can toss it into the wash along with the diapers! Seems very convenient. I'll probably just use my old Diaper Champ for cloth diapers and keep the Diaper Genie for disposables.

So now the next step? I guess just getting into the routine of actually using cloth diapers. I expect to continue to use disposables at night and when traveling. But with this change alone, I feel like I'm making my own contribution to keeping the earth a little cleaner. And every product I purchased is 100% organic!!

Of course, now I have to go and start buying organic baby products. All the research about baby lotions, shampoos, and baby powder has got me really worried!

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