Saturday, July 5, 2008

Did We Start?

So the big question from this week is, "Did you start your new year?" I guess the answer can be more of a no. I worked on our schedule and put out our materials; but in the end, we all got sidetracked by all the projects that went on. The kitchen counters were redone on Monday, we went to a pool party on Tuesday, on Wednesday we ran errands and had our plumbing fixed, on Thursday we did crafts, and on Friday we celebrated 4th of July. We did, however, manage to do math and phonics all week except yesterday.

So now here I am again. Ready to start...again!! But I do feel greatly motivated and inspired. I always make the realization of how great homeschooling is. We get to decide on our own start date; and if we have to change's not a problem! Maybe later I will post our weekly school schedule, just to get an idea of what we have to tackle!

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