Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Back to Organizing.

I'm back into organizing the cleaning areas of my home. I have split the house into 5 zones and now I'm going to dedicate a week of every month to a particular part of the house. This means that each week, I'll be concentrating on deep cleaning the zone that is assigned for the week. This doesn't mean that I'll neglect the other parts of the house; I'll just be keeping things tidy and surface cleaning will be enough for those zones.

Since there are typically only 4 weeks per month, I decided to schedule zone 4 & 5 the same week. The kids will be mostly responsible for their rooms, but I'll help them along the way!

Week 1Zone 1: Entry, Hall & Bathroom
Week 2Zone 2: Living Room & Laundry Room
Week 3Zone 3: Kitchen & School Room
Week 4Zone 4 & 5: Upstairs

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