Thursday, July 17, 2008

Science...Again?!? seems that my mind is never satisfied with what we have for science. At least not yet. We have been busy with Living Learning Books lately, but I keep finding myself trying to adjust it and add more to it. Dh does the lessons and he is always like, "That's it? That was too easy!" Not that Marco needs something difficult, but the coloring and crafts seem a little on the simple side for a first grader. I mean, how does making a paper snake teach you about snakes? I just think we need something a little more meaty with less busy work. If anything, I think it is perfect for the pre-k to kindergarten bunch.

Science was the one subject where we diverged from what was recommended at Angelicum Academy. Since I already had the LLB materials, I didn't want to go out and purchase a whole new science curriculum. Not only that, but we were planning on using the Harcourt science text as well beginning in the fall with our co-op.

For these past 2 months, I have been going back and forth with HSP Science (Angelicum's text of choice) and wondering if I should just give up what we are doing now and trying this text out. After much thought, I have finally decided to chuck LLB and go with HSP Science.

We are still planning on using LLB with Isabella and Anthony. Mostly because it does offer those crafty ideas and great book lists. I know we won't have time to do 2 separate science curricula, but I'm thinking of just setting some books and things to do aside for an occasional crafty science time.

Regardless, this is definitely it. I don't plan on switching or second guessing myself anymore. I'm sticking with this science choice for the year. I'll have to post about what my thoughts are once I get all our materials.

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