Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Good Morning!!

This is what baby Jimmy wakes up to 90% of the time around here. Four kids hanging over his crib making googly noises at him and saying "Good Morning!!" The love in the room is electric and I feel so wonderful witnessing how much sibling love goes on around here. My kids were meant to be a part of this family!!!


hider101 said...

Thank you so much for you positive and Godly perspective on life! You always bring me back to where I need and want to be! How often it seems that my boys want to run upstairs and do the very same thing with our baby and I shush them and chase them back down! Blessings to you for a good day!

Gae said...

Dear Liz,
I dropped by earlier in the week, but didn't have time to comment.
The love between siblings is a precious thing. It is one thing we have really tried to foster with our children and when people see them together it is always commented on.
It is wonderful to see the children together like that.
I had a bit of a look over your lovely blog earlier, which is why I ran out of time to comment. I really enjoyed visitng again.
God Bless

Liz said...

I do believe that as homeschoolers, we have an extra opportunity to foster relationships in our children. It's hard, as many times I too chase the kids away from the baby. But I'm letting myself take more pleasure in watching them love each other...

Thanks for posting your comments! They are wonderful!


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