Thursday, February 25, 2010

Multiplication Math Lapbooking.

We have always done Saxon for our math studies. It is straightforward for me to teach, the kids don't hate it, and I think it is a wonderfully strong program. But at times, math can get a little boring for both teacher and student. My solution to mixing things up? Lapbooks!!

Marco is working on his multiplication...I won't say what lesson we are for fear of embarrassment, but things are going fairly well. We just need a little push; something different to make it fun. So I searched high and low for a quick lapbook and found some really great sites!

We will use a combination of these different sites, just to make this multiplication lapbook our own. Hope you find the following links useful. We'll be spending the rest of the afternoon cutting, pasting, learning, and reviewing our multiplication tables. Pictures will follow!!

PDF of a mulitiplication lapbook (and links to other lapbooks as well)
Multiplication File Folder Games (good for lapbooks too!)
A good visual of a multiplication lapbook from blogger Dishpan Dribble.
Another visual from Dots and Daisies.
Multiplication Facts Game Lapbook (for a more game oriented lapbook)

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