Wednesday, March 10, 2010

For Sale!

It's true. Our house is officially on the market and we sit on pins and needles waiting for someone to come on over and say, "I love your house! I'll buy it!!" Well, we are hopeful that will happen at some point. For now, we are on day 2 of having the sign out in our front yard.

It's been a long process getting to this point. The hardest thing was to get past making the actual decision to move. But we are busting at the seams and our growing family needs more space. Thankfully, we are not leaving the state or the city, so that will make things so much easier.

The new carpet is in, the walls are painted, and we've been busy as bees decluttering and moving things out. It's just the basics for the next couple of months! But living so minimalistic has it's good points. First of all, it doesn't take me all day to clean up. Give me an hour and it's done! No more toys stuffed in crooks and crannies, no more closets busting open with too many clothes. Even our school room is non-existent as a lovely "grown-up" study has taken it's place. The TVs are packed away (we weren't using them anyways) and the kitchen cabinets have been slowly emptied.

Now we just wait and pray. We know someone will move into this house and create as many (or more!) wonderful memories as we have. It's all so bittersweet. After 6 years here, this house has seen so much. New babies, broken bones, celebrations, and growth charts. So much! But in all the sadness of thinking that this will be left behind, we remember that we get to take our memories with us to a brand new place that's waiting and that was made just for us. New memories are in our near future and the anticipation of it all makes us giddy with excitement!!

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