Thursday, March 4, 2010

Where Did My Books Go??

To think that it had been over 3 months since we last took a trip to the library. A place where we used to visit almost twice a week! This past Tuesday we headed out in the chilly weather and spent the morning reacquainting ourselves with new books and old favorites. We even made a pact (the children and I) that we would come back every week, just like we used to. I like that! Interested in our finds? Here are this weeks favorites!

Take Care, Good Knight has fastly become a favorite with the kids. A story of three little dragons who are given the responsibility of taking care of some kittens. A hilarious book for my children!!

Scary Fright, Are You Alright? has not been put down since we checked it out! We've been reading this book a good 2-3 times a day and that's not including the times that Marco has read it to the younger kids. It's a small chapter book with great characters. I see this book becoming part of our permanent library at home!

Isabella is also enjoying some readers she picked out all by herself and has been carrying them around since we got home. It's amazing to me how independent she's becoming at reading. As for the boys, Marco is working hard and reads to Anthony and Christian. My only complaint is that for some reason, my boys are so attracted to non-fiction and I'm the one sneaking in all the wonderful picture books.

So there you have it! A new found love for our public library!!!

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hider101 said...

We have just recently returned to the library as well! Something about snow and freezing winds kills our desire to go! But that beautiful sun shining outside has convinced us that it is okay to venture out! My six-year-old checkd out a "huge, ginormous" book yesterday, all about pirates! He was told today that he could bring a toy along for when he was done with his school work (I had a meeting), and he chose to bring his pirate book!
FYI, boys are all about non-fiction, but they love it when fiction is read to them!

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