Friday, March 19, 2010

American Girl Club.

We just recently started an American Girl Club with all our ARCH friends. Isabella had been wanting to be a part of a girls only club for a while, so this little group is a perfect fit for her. A huge fan of American Girl, Isabella loves the dolls, accessories, stories, and shopping at their stores! I must admit, I love it too and feel wonderful that it is something we can share as mother and daughter.

The meetings started with the Josefina books. This Thursday, the girls read book 1 and got together for crafts and snacks. At the end of it all, they made a rebozo and tortillas. She had a wonderful time!! The meetings will continue on a weekly basis until all the Josefina books have been read...then it's on to the next American Girl!

I will have to take a picture of her completed project, which she loves wearing and is using to carry her Bitty Baby doll. Also, please note the new haircut on Isabella. She was very excited to look like her latest American Girl doll, Chrissa. Of course, she now wants to add Josefina to her collection!

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Allie said...

thats soo neat! i wish mom would have put me in some sort of girls club

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