Monday, March 29, 2010

Missing Our Crafts.

This whole buying and selling a home has recently gotten me in the dumps. Of course, you have all the usual stresses that come with these events...keeping your house spotless for last minute showings, worrying about competition, stressing about your upcoming closing, packing, moving, etc. etc. But what has really sent me overboard is not being able to craft and learn with my kids.

This time of year is a big one with Lent and Easter. It's as big as Christmas time in regards to how much we usually do with crafting! But with all my supplies neatly packed away and the need for our current home to stay completely clean and clutter free, I feel like we are missing out on all our usual fun learning. No completed crafts to hang, no decorations to go on the walls, and no messy supplies spread across the table. I'm in craft withdrawal!!! And as I read about all the neat stuff others are doing, I'm feeling a bit envious.

Luckily, I know that what matters most is that we celebrate this time with our families with sharing what we have in our hearts. Our Lord will not mind if we don't dress our homes with colorful decorations, but he will mind if we don't prepare our hearts for his coming. In all, this has been a difficult lesson for me and not my children. But I suppose the timing is all right. We have gone without the excess in every sense this Lent, and the emptiness that it created was filled with what should always be there....the love of Jesus!!!!

So it's been hard to live with just the basic homeschool books and nothing more. But Easter is on the horizon and things will change. We will be able to celebrate our Lord's resurrection and we will have come away from Lent having learned so much more than we thought when this all started!!

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