Wednesday, July 8, 2009

What I'm Working On.

I've been quite busy these past few weeks. I'm still trying to get ready as much as possible for the new year. I had no idea it would take me this long to organize our plans and our learning centers!! So I have compiled a list of what I'm working on. I expect to finish soon with most of these things...give me another week or so!

1. Religion Lesson Plans
2. Nature Journals
3. Create Memorization List
4. Organize Learning Centers
5. Organize Arts & Crafts
6. Create independent shelves/drawers/bins for each child's weekly work
7. Organize Bookshelves
8. Find a way to store and hang maps and posters
9. Finish up any book lists
10. Make our learning spaces easy to access

I'll be posting on these things as I finish them up. I feel so rushed to accomplish all the things on this list before my little guy is born. Of course, this list doesn't even mention all I have to do to get ready for the baby!!! I need a drink! Well, maybe a Snickers bar will do for now!


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