Saturday, July 11, 2009

I Promise I'm Not Slacking.

So it may seem that my organization has take a nose dive this past week from the lack of updated posts. But au contraire mon frere! Things have been busy, busy, busy! Unfortunately, when I decide to organize a space...I go all out! Well, I'm not sure this is completely unfortunate or not, but I do know that it is extremely tiring!

Being pregnant and in "nesting" mode doesn't make things any easier either. I've gone from searching for new furniture, to finding accessories, to planning the space, to reorganizing everything. It's not easy shopping for the perfect basket with 4 kids in tow! This week has been full of purchases, returns, and perfect finds. I'm happy to say that I'm nearly done and it feels so good!

My poor, dear, dear husband. He is AWESOME!! Last night he says to me, "Honey. You've got to slow down with all the redecorating and organizing. Everything looks great, but you still have 4 more weeks of nesting. I don't know if you can make it that long!" A supportive and loving husband he is. All he cares about is me not wearing myself out. But the tenacity of a pregnant woman is immeasurable!

Yes...I am exhausted. My feet are swollen at the end of the day, my mind is spinning from trying to squeeze in some school lessons with the kids, and I spend every spare second I have searching for all the right equipment. I'm sure I'll be patting myself on the back for planning ahead, however. It will make for a smoother year...I hope!

So here is a little sneak peek at what I've been working on.

Well, I thought I'd finish with this picture of The Virgin of the Lilies by Bouguereau. It's not new and it's been hanging in our hallway for a while. But I love to look at it each time I go upstairs as I find it inspiring to know that our Holy Mother said "YES!!" to God. I need to do the same and say "YES!" even to what may seem to be the most mundane tasks that a mother needs to do.

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