Saturday, July 18, 2009

Human Body Unit Study.

My kids have always been fascinated with the human body. From how we digest food, to what kinds of cells we have. I'm almost certain it has everything to do with their dad being a doctor. I've been wanting to do a fun unit study on the human body for the longest time, but it was something that I just never got around to preparing. This year, I made it a priority!

In wanting to keep things simple, since this is mainly for Marco and Isabella (with Anthony tagging along depending on his mood), I didn't want to make it too in depth. So I came across two great workbooks that cover the human body in simple terms and offers tons of hands-on activities.

My Body, by Teacher Created Resources and Easy Make & Learn Projects Human Body by Donald M. Silver were the perfect finds for our unit study!! So yesterday I spent a couple of hours planning them to go together. They complement each other wonderfully! To make things a little more challenging for Marco, I also added a narration, copy work, or additional activity. I think both kids will have fun with this!

Of course, being a scientific daddy...DH was a bit envious of how I get to teach all these fun things to the kids. "You know, I really should be the one teaching the kids about the body." SOLD! So now my dearest, most loving husband will be the one carrying out this little unit study that is going to span 14 weeks (this will only be done once a week due to DH's demanding and hectic schedule).

The lesson plans are simple, but finished. The copies are all filed away in order and I'll be pulling out all the human body books we have to keep in our book bin upstairs. Daddy will be a wonderful resource for the children as they are always learning fascinating things from him (the latest being all about bone marrow cells, the coccyx, and other body parts that I can't even pronounce!).

Here is a sample of the first 6 weeks. Super easy!

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