Thursday, July 9, 2009

Missing Our Friends.

Recently, we had some dear friends of ours move away to their home town. Life has kept going on for us, but we miss them terribly!! They have been our vacation companions, weekend company, camping buddies, out-to-eat counterparts, play-date playmates, emergency babysitting allies, baby baptizers, and so much more!!! They basically became family to us!

Today, as we drove in the van, Anthony exclaimed that he couldn't wait for them to get back from their trip so that we could all get together and go swimming. It was a little sad for me to explain to a 3 year old that once you move, you are most likely not moving back. So trying to keep the mood happy, I told him that maybe we could visit them sometime soon. They only moved about 13 hours away!!!!

Anyways, I thought I would blog about them today as we've been thinking about them. They are a wonderful family and we wish they still lived just only a few miles away.

We miss and love you guys!!


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