Friday, July 24, 2009

Preparing for the First Day of School.

Our school room is done. My plans for the first two weeks of school are neatly written in my planner. Copies of necessary paperwork for the kids has been made and filed away. Our schedule has been posted on our bulletin board. School books are lined up ready to be used.

It seems like everything is in place for a new school year! The kids are excited and counting down on our calendar. For now, my job lies in preparing a special little something for the kids. As I posted earlier, I will be making a schultute for each of the kids.

I printed out and laminated a wonderful student prayer from The Teacher's Helper cd's I have. Each child will get one in their school cone. Other treats will include:

  • School supplies. A pencil case filled with simple supplies.
  • Stickers.
  • Klutz craft book.
  • Treats (candy and snacks).
  • New sketch books.
  • New crayons.
  • A t-shirt with our school logo on it.
  • A new rosary.
  • A small toy.
  • A handmade prayer book.
I'll be working on the actual cones starting tonight and through the weekend. It was hard coming up with a "theme" for each schultute. But I finally came up with a shark theme for Marco (who is insanely into sharks right now), flowers and tiaras for Isabella, and an outer space theme for Anthony. I'm excited about getting them done!

I'm taking pictures as things get done, so get ready for a picture filled post on Sunday night!!


Joe & Amy said...

I love your blog. It is so inspirational for me as I hope to homeschool our 21 month old and any other babies the Lord sends us. I was excited to see you have a school logo. We already have a name for our school and I am thinking of doing a logo too. Can you post a picture of the t-shirts? Good luck this school year and with your new baby (I am due Nov. 15). God Bless!

Liz said...

Thanks!!! I will be posting pictures tomorrow night once I'm done.

Congratulations on your babies!


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