Tuesday, July 28, 2009

First Day of School Success!

I know I promised to post pictures and such on Sunday evening. Much to my dismay, however, I have been suffering from a poison ivy rash that is only remedied by sleep. So in attempts to ignore the itchiness, I have been opting to take some Benadryl and get to bed early. Being pregnant with a giant rash is not fun!

But we did have our official first day of school on Monday! It was a complete success and the kids had a blast getting to "meet" their new books, open their Schultute's, take pictures, and yes...even get started on work! All around, I saw God's blessings and it turned out to be a perfect day!

I was hoping to capture the first lesson for each child, but only had the camera on hand for one shot. I did capture so many other shots, however, and I hope you like them!!

The kids' Schultute's the night before our first day.

I can't say how excited I was to have the kids see them, but what surprised me was how excited my dearest husband was at the thought of starting this new tradition. He LOVED them!

After having a special pancake breakfast the kids were allowed to go into the school room. There they found crowns with their names on them and their new grade levels on the back. The giddiness they exhibited was adorable!

On the side of their names was a little picture clue as to what the theme for their Schultute was going to be. It was fun to hear them brainstorm all about their big surprise!

Even Christian got in on the excitement with his own crown.

On the count of 3, everyone say "First Day of School Rocks!!!"

Showing off their new grade levels on their crowns.

I made the kids stand in line while I placed their Schultutes on the school table. We then made a march to the school room once more.

It was pure excitement when they saw their cones on the table!! They immediately wanted to open them to see what was inside, but they knew they had to wait. And although Christian might look a little bummed that he doesn't have his own cone, he quickly felt better after he got a little bag full of treats just for him.

My boys! That cone is almost as big as Anthony!!

Getting to open the cones was the best part of the day for the kids. I love the expression on Marco's face when he sees what's inside the Schultute! I'm glad I caught it on camera!! Surprises are the best!!

The kids finished opening their Schultutes and I let them spent part of the morning enjoying their treats. After all was put away, we hung them up on the wall where they nicely form part of the decor now.

We found a nice place on the wall to decorate with the school cones.

After all the excitement, it was time to hit the books and start a new year! It was a great day!!!


Katie said...


Sebastian said...

We used to do these. I mentioned them and got excited questions from my older kids if we would be doing them again this year.
Since we're not taking summer off this year, maybe it would be a good marker of the new school year.

Keri said...

Lovely schultutes - I saw that thread on the WTM board and thought it was a great idea, but I forgot about it - glad you posted so nice pics!

Hope you have a great year!

LanaTron said...

Your children are so adorable!

I love your 1st day ideas!

(BTW, I'm here from the WTM boards)

Tina said...

Soooo cute, the pictures were great! What a fun idea! :)

LittleFlower1220 said...

LOOOOOOOVE this idea! Can I "borrow" it? LOL! Too cute and I love how excited they all looked/were! Thanks for sharing it! :)

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