Monday, July 13, 2009

Getting It Done!!

I finally have a few things checked off on my to-do list. Our school room is finally looking how I want it to. From new shelves to a new dry erase's looking good! Our new learning center space is also coming along. Just a few more things to organize and it's done. I'm hoping to have both spaces ready by the end of the week.

As for lesson planning, I'm hoping to finish is up within the next couple of days. Anthony and Isabella are done, but I still have a few things to sort out with Marco's schedule and subjects. Since I'll be doing geography and a couple of other things my own way, it means I have to figure out my own lesson plans.

All this on top of keeping up with laundry, housework, and school lessons!! But it will get done. I'm not one to pile on too much on my plate....OK, I'm lying!! I AM one to pile on too much on my plate! But I don't hesitate to look for help. To help me speed things up with organizing and my urge to clean, I'm hiring some help. Why not? I'm 8 months pregnant, tired, have 4 monkeys running around the house, and I have no family around to help.

Off to organize some more!!

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