Monday, July 20, 2009

Starting Early.

The impending birth of our little boy has recently got me thinking on what a good start date for our school year would be. Normally, we ease into our new grade materials since we are year round homeschoolers. This year, I want to have an official start date complete with pictures and "first day of school" activities. In all, I want our full schedule well into play once the baby arrives.

But since my due date falls in the middle of August (usually around the time we make our grade switch), I only saw two options. 1. Start our new year after the baby is born or 2. Start the new year before the baby is born. What to do??

After much consideration, we decided to start before the baby is born. I want everyone to be accustomed to following the new school schedule well in advance of adding a newborn. I want to gain a little bit of momentum and get some good ground covered by the time our new baby comes home. Granted, I understand that things might get hectic around the house with a new baby (this is my 5th!)...but we are such a go with the flow family that I'm not worried about that at all. If we take a week off, I won't be as concerned as if we delay starting. At least I'll feel like I have a few weeks under my belt!!

So our new date for school has been set. July 27th!!!! I's right around the corner and it only gives me one week to finish whatever planning and organizing for school that I may have. We'll see how it goes! The kids are revved up and so am I!

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