Saturday, April 12, 2008


This past year has been one filled with success and failure in choosing curriculum. Since I am finally settled and feel like I have a little experience under my belt, I decided to update many of the links on my page dealing with curriculum.

I'll be posting my updated kindergarten and first grade curriculum and schedules. I'll also be adding preschool to the mix as well. My reading list will include books that we'll be following with the recommended Angelicum Academy list. Overall, I hope to make my links more useful, informative, and up to date on what we are actually using.

Added to the sidebar will also be links to reviews of curriculum I have either used or had the opportunity to seriously look through. I won't be deleting any of the old curricula or schedules, just know that many of that has changed.

It's been amazing to have gotten through my first official year homeschooling! I have learned so much along the way about myself and my kids. I've tried more things than anyone else I know and I hope my experience will help enlighten others on this journey.

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