Thursday, April 17, 2008

"Good Books" Literature Schedule.

It seems like I have 16 "Good Books" to go through for both kindergarten and first grade. How do I accomplish this without overkill? I DON'T KNOW!! But what I'm planning is to split up the reading time throughout the day. I'll do 1 hour total for both grades with 30 minutes in the morning for first grade and 30 minutes in the afternoon for kindergarten. I actually don't think that 16 books is too much to do in the course of one year. This is especially true since some of the books on our list are only compilations of stories.

For these compilations, such as the fairy books by Andrew Lang, I'll just be picking a few stories from each book. We are pretty familiar with so many fairy tales and nursery rhymes that I don't think the kids will be missing out on anything.

I created the following table as a simple way to keep track of what books we are reading when. It will serve as a very basic schedule. Since I don't know how long it will take us to get through any particular book, I decided against setting deadlines. I want to make sure that we take our time, especially since we'll be doing book reports on each book (simple narrations on what the book is about) as part of the Angelicum lesson plans.

KindergartenFirst Grade
Perrault's Complete Fairy TalesCrimson Fairy book
Favorite Uncle RemusJust So Stories
Orange Fairy BookWater Babies
Wind in the WillowsGrey Fairy Book
Household StoriesJungle Book
Brown Fairy BookAesop
Green Fairy BookAlice's Adventure in Wonderland
PinocchioFree Reading
Treasury of Mother GooseFree Reading

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my5wolfcubs said...

We only have the Red and Blue Fairy books (so far), they are wonderful! Just So Stories is a lot of fun too -- I read that aloud 2 years ago to my then K & 3rd grader. We all loved it!
As for Aesop, you can read an Aesop (or 2) a day throughout the year. Also, since they're short & usually single pointed, they're a great way to teach narration!
Lee (from the WTM board)

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