Saturday, April 26, 2008


Right now I'm laughing at myself. I am looking back to how many times I've changed in our curriculum choices, our books, our schedules, and everything else! I'm glad that I had the opportunity to explore, however. How else would I learn to differentiate between the good and the bad? It is in this that I really don't envy families who begin homeschooling when their kids are older. With kindergarten, you can try a million things and not ever really fall behind!

So I have officially enrolled in Angelicum Academy. Now all I have to do is wait for my lesson plans and other materials. My books are nearly all purchased, with the exception of a few that I'm planning on getting during convention (can't beat those prices!). I'm excited about FINALLY being settled on something!

For the time being, we are moving along with lots of "1st grade" stuff, even if our year hasn't officially begun. We are overlapping kindergarten math with first grade science and phonics. In June I'm planning on starting our official year. The house has lately been buzzing with excitement as the kids anticipate being officially in a new "grade." I'm not sure whether to throw an end of year party or a happy new school year party. Maybe both?!

In all, I think that we are starting to feel more at ease and comfortable with homeschooling. I'm starting to trust myself more in knowing that I can make a good decision for our family in terms of curriculum. One thing that has helped me is having DH back me up in everything I do. It makes this whole journey truly a family affair and has united us in ways that I never imagined.

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