Thursday, April 10, 2008

A Day in the Life of Liz. A Great Day!

I have been so happy today! I went to bed last night around 9:30pm and woke up feeling refreshed and ready! The kids were up by 7:30am and we ate a quick breakfast while DH sipped coffee before heading out to work. It was funny to see Isabella working on her Sing, Spell, Read, and Write while the boys played with swords. But as soon as Marco saw that she had completed 2 pages, he decided to get to work himself!

By 8:30am, we had finished our SSRW lessons. We then did 30 minutes of reading, followed by math. At 9:45am I noticed that our library books were due, so I got the kids in the van and headed out to the library. The kids LOVE going to the library. I have been taking them since they were babies and I always get them involved in their summer reading programs as well. Once at the library, all three kids signed up to play on the computers. They even have a toddler program that Anthony can use all by himself! He feels like such a big boy when we go!

Since Marco recently turned 6, he has been on a "I'm such a big kid" streak. He decided that he wanted to get his own library card, so he marched up to the librarian (books in hand) and asked to check them out. Not wanting to feel left out, Isabella did the same. Lucky for me, you only have to be 4 to get a library card...otherwise, she would have been very upset. It was funny to me, since they never were interested in having their own library card until now.

After checking out our books and eating a snack...we headed home for a quick lunch. We all went outside to enjoy the beautiful weather for a bit and by 1:15pm, Anthony was napping. I let Marco and Isabella have some quiet play time before starting up school again. When they saw me take out their work, they begged for some reading time instead. I gave in and read them our new books for another 30 minutes.

We are trying to get ahead (or is it more like catch up?) with math, so Marco did a bit more math while Isabella worked on some phonics and her own math problems. I was so happy to have Christian being so good sitting next to us with his toys. That baby is such a wonderful blessing! He is so quiet and good!! I put him down at 3:00pm for a nap and then enjoyed some more quiet school-time with the big kids.

At 3:30pm exactly, Anthony came marching down the stairs and declared "I'm hungry!" We all enjoyed some fruit and then went to check the mail. We received our first issue of Your Big Back Yard from NWF and the kids loved it!! I let the kids play outside while I caught up on some reading, then at 4:15pm we came in. Christian seemed to sense us and woke up right then. I sat him in his high chair for a bit with some toys to keep him entertained while I started dinner.

I made a picnic dinner tonight, since DH is working late (grilled burgers, salad, cut up fruit, & lemonade). We usually take dinner to him on late work days, if the weather is nice, and we all eat together outside at a picnic table. After eating, DH played with the kids before we left. Once we got home, we ate some ice cream for dessert and then it was time for PJ's and books. I read a couple of stories and time for bed!

I always wait for DH on late nights. That means we go to bed around 11:30pm. Tonight I got to write this blog post, pray a rosary, get our school ready for tomorrow and clean up a little. This has been a GREAT day!!

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