Monday, April 14, 2008


One thing I really enjoy is my planner. After searching for one that included all seven days over a 2 page spread and not finding one to my liking, I went ahead and made my own using Word. I had browsed through enough planners to know what I wanted. After making it, I headed to Kinkos to have it printed and bound. This is what you will find in my planner.

Weekly planning pages
Toddler/Preschool Activities (for my bins)
Schedules for all subjects (these are mainly my goals for how long and in what order I want to do things)
Blank pages for notes

Since I have a separate 3-ring binder for homeschooling stuff, it keeps my planner easy to use and uncluttered. Here is a link to my planning pages. Feel free to download and use for yourself. I will try to have it available on this link as long as possible.

Liz's Planner.

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