Friday, April 11, 2008

Green Friday and Friday Lessons.

Today I decided to get GREEN! We followed the NWF Green Hour activity. Check it out! NWF Green Hour.

Since we weren't able to make it out to our favorite local park, I decided to let the kids explore our little patch of forest. The kids got to take pictures of a few green things and then we sat outside and did a little coloring. Isabella went with nature sketching and Marco decided to collect dry sticks for a fabulous sculpture.

As you can see, Isabella drew a tree, a shrub, a flower, the ground, and a wonderful sky!

Since it is National Poetry Month, I also made Marco write a nature poem as suggested by the Green Hour. This is our first attempt at poetry, so I made him tell me all the words he could think of that made him think of the outdoors. After putting them together, here is what the poem turned out to be.

Flowers and bees,
Picnics and trees.
Swinging, running, hanging.

Sun and bikes,
Shade and hikes.
Swimming, exploring, playing.
-Marco (conjunctions by Mom)

Our "indoor" work completed today was as follows.
Math: we finished up a couple of lessons. Doubles plus one facts and an assessment for Marco; and Isabella tackled 4 lessons on her Saxon Math (I'm doing K for her to get her ready for Saxon 1 in a couple of months).

Phonics: I decided to double up on the SSRW workbooks with Isabella and Marco. They'll be working on the first book (mostly review of alphabet) during the morning and doing the second book in the afternoon (this one holds the actual reading work).

Science: I counted our Green Hour activity as our science today.

Reading: We did some reading out of our 2 week book bin today (I alternate the books every 2 weeks). It was probably around 45 minutes or so.

On top of our little nature activities and school work; we also got to fly a kite, build a "fort," and take a quick shopping trip for a new cooler. Tomorrow we'll continue with some lessons and hopefully get some good wind to get that kite really high up!

*****BTW...if you are a Veggie Tales fan, you know about the Pirates Who Don't Do Anything. Here is a homeschool version of that song...lyrics only! The Homeschool Kids Who Can't Do Anything.

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