Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Making Nature Crafts.

It's nice to be getting things back to normal around here. My morning sickness has subsided and now I have most of the day free from nausea until it hits me around dinner time. Although I am still getting sick, I'm thankful that I can function all morning and early afternoon without feeling so bad.

Yesterday the kids had their Valentine's Day party at co-op. I was upset that I forgot to take my camera and therefore can't share some of the happy events of the day. Today, however, with the beautiful weather outside. I sent the kids out for a nature scavenger hunt. We saw signs of spring everywhere! I was glad that we have been back to starting school at 8:30am.

After we finished our core lessons this morning, I decided to make the kids some paper cups so that they could collect their scavenger hunt findings. These cups are a neat little thing that I think all moms and dads should know how to do as the kids think they are the coolest thing! You can even use them as drinking cups. Need some instructions? Just follow along.

Drinking Cup/Paper Pockets

Begin with a regular sized piece of paper. I like using cardstock for sturdiness. Fold a corner of the paper over so that it forms a large triangle. You will have a rectangle shape left over on the side.

Cut the piece of rectangle. This will leave you with a large folded triangle.

Fold the right side of the triangle over.

Next, fold the left side of the triangle. The two sides will overlap.

Fold down one side of the top.

Fold down the other side of the top.

Open your cup and fill it with goodies!!

Once I did a paper cup for each of the kids, I gave them a list of things they were to find. Marco read the list to everyone and they headed out to the backyard in search of nature's treasure!

Isabella looking for acorns.

Anthony examining some wood chips from a cut-down walnut tree.

A small glimpse that spring is on it's way!

After our little hunt and running around outside, the kids brought their items inside. The paper cups were perfect for holding the small things we found outside. Not wanting to just talk about what we found, we decided to make a picture frame using the found items. Here are the results!

The kids decided to frame their favorite Valentine cards. It was a fun craft and I had fun taking pictures (as is obvious from this picture filled post!!).

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