Tuesday, February 24, 2009

For Today.

Today I focused our morning with reading. Marco read Frog and Toad are Friends, along with some books from the SSRW curriculum. Isabella worked on her Explode the Code book and also read some books from SSRW. We celebrated our reading morning by taking a trip to Barnes & Noble. The kids were allowed to pick out whatever books they wanted and I was happy that they stuck to readers and some puzzle books.

For the afternoon, we concentrated on reviewing math facts, completing some religion work, and ended our day with some fun science. I received the newsletter from Tobin's Lab and was happy to find some fun and easy experiments to do with the kids.

We prepared some icy boat floats for a quick and easy science experiment about density. The kids prepared the floats according to the directions. Later, we tested them out in the bathtub and talked about density. After the ice boats all melted, Marco and Isabella drew a picture of the experiment and each made a little presentation about what happened. Marco, of course, had a few sentences to write about it...mostly dictation. Here are our results.

Preparing our boats for the freezer.

Making sails for the boats.

Watching the color dissolve into the water as the ice boat floats.

Comparing which boat is less dense.

Having fun with the ice boats.

In looking back at the pictures...I just realized that I still have our Advent calendar hanging on the kitchen wall!! Go figure! I guess I have more important things to notice than what's on our walls!!

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