Thursday, February 5, 2009

Bringing Back the Fun.

Today I decided to bring back our "fun school." Since I've been feeling horrible for the past few months, I've kept all school lessons to just the basics. No crafting, no painting, no nature walks. Just reading, writing, math, and some religion. But looking at my kids' faces when I pull out the books is getting pretty depressing and I have realized that I am taking the fun out of school.

Co-op has been our sanity saver lately. It is educational, yet the kids are constantly looking forward to it. They do science experiments, art & crafts, along with learning Latin and doing lapbooks for their continent studies. The day after co-op always starts a new countdown..."6 more days until co-op!"'s pretty sad that it's come down to that, when it used to be that I would have something fun for the kids to do every day.

My plans for today include doing the NWF Green Hour activity. This will include sending the kids outside to look for some nice rocks and then bringing them back in so that the rocks can be painted. To keep our rocks from ending up all over the house, we'll also be making a rock garden for them out of a shoebox.

After the rock expedition, and when most of our regular school work is done, I'm going to have the kids make some jelly candles. This was our project for Catholic arts & crafts at co-op. Marco got to make a candle and I think the activity is easy enough for the younger kids to do. This will also be something we can add to our prayer time.

Even though I still feel nauseous and out of energy, I don't want to rob my kids of having a good time while they are learning at home.

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