Saturday, September 13, 2008

Chores for Kids.

I've been looking for a chore system that will work for my young kids and I have had very little luck. I usually keep 2 chore charts in the house; one in the kitchen and one in the kids' bedroom. The kitchen chart has all the downstairs chores: pick up toys, clean schoolroom, set table, etc. The bedroom chart has all upstairs chores: make bed, clean bedroom, brush teeth, etc.

The problem with my system is that I don't like have 2 separate charts. I'm also starting to flip and add chores and it makes it difficult to keep printing out new charts. I finally decided that I need a new system that's going to work. This is where my search for something began. And now, here are my reviews.

This system just didn't work. The made-out chore cards were great, but the mom & dad store was not. I'm not into rewarding kids for things they should do regardless of whether they get paid or not. That part of the system makes up for half of the program! It comes with mom and dad money and a store "front"that you can put on a box filled with stuff. I also wasn't too excited about the chart itself. It's too easy for Anthony to mess up, and once you lose the can't replace them.
Overall, I think Choreganizers earns a B average from me. Great idea, great picture cards, but the implementation was what didn't work for us. If you want a more in-depth review with awesome pictures of this system from a family that actually loves it, check out the Pioneer Woman.

This is the system we are using now. It is a great improvement from Choreganizers because I actually can implement it without worrying about losing cards, kids destroying the chart, or needing to have more than one chart. This system basically works by printing out chore cards from their website and placing them in a "ChorePack." The ChorePack is a simple, clip-on name badge holder. You put the chores in the order that they are supposed to be completed and then clip it onto the child's clothing. As the child completes the chore, he moves the card to the back of the stack. The book does come with lists that you can photocopy for personal use and it goes into depth about implementing chores and their importance.
Overall, this is a really useful system for us so far. It is as simple as you want it to be and it gives instructions on how to make it more detailed for your family if need be. I love that the kids pretty much carry their chore charts around with them!! Pre-reader cards are also available. If you aren't into searching the web for chore pictures, it is a valuable time saver. I give this system a solid A.

If you aren't into purchasing a chore system at all, there are alternatives that can help get your kids involved. Here are a couple of ideas that I have come up with, but never put to use.

1. Print out cards with pictures of chores your child needs to accomplish. Laminate the cards for durability and put them together using a clasp ring. As the child completes a task, the can remove the card and place it into an "I Did It!" box or baggie.

2. Use a simple chart, much in the style of a "To Do" list. Check off each chore as it is completed.

If you don't have time to search through countless pages of free online clip-art, here are a few great spots to check out!! (Scroll to the bottom for clip art) (You can do a search on this site for particular chores) (Scroll down for an alphabetical list of clip art. You can also perform a search for a particular chore.)

I hope this is useful to someone! I wish I would have read this before I went out getting pre-made chore systems!!


Teresa said...

I was googling the Managers of their chores and came across your comments and pictures. They are very helpful. Do you think the additional software ChorePacks is necessary? Do you think the system is geared toward small children? Thanks for blogging on this

Liz said...

This program works with kids of all ages! They have pre-reader cards (I actually use these for all my kids) for the younger crowd. You basically register on their chore packs website and they offer clipart for you to print out cards. It's very basic. As for the additional software, I did not purchase it. I think it would be helpful if you have lots of kids who handle more responsibilities. For now, I'm fine with the basics. I'll be posting an update on my chore packs later, so check it out and it might answer more questions.


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