Monday, June 16, 2008

Weekly Menu.

Following is the lunch, snack, and dinner menu for the week. I have been using Menus 4 Moms for almost a year and it is a really helpful resource. I usually try to map out our lunch and snack menu for the week as well. My kids are like clockwork. They will be ready for a snack at 10ish, lunch at noon, and a snack again at 3 or so.

It's so much easier to have a menu and make it a no-brainer. I usually keep the menu on my fridge or in our household notebook.

Morning Snack: pretzels and cheese
Lunch: mac n cheese, fruit
Afternoon Snack: yogurt and crackers
Dinner: roast pork tenderloin, peas, potatoes, applesauce

Morning Snack: popcorn, fruit snack
Lunch: turkey sandwiches, fruit
Afternoon Snack: carrots, celery with peanut butter
Dinner: tacos, black beans, Mexican rice

Morning Snack: bagel with cream cheese
Lunch: quesadillas, leftover rice, fruit
Afternoon Snack: apples, mini muffins
Dinner: grilled BBQ chicken, corn on cob, cornbread casserole

Morning Snack: hard boiled egg, toast sticks
Lunch: noodles, fruit, celery
Afternoon Snack: fruit kebabs, crackers
Dinner: pork lo mein, salad

Morning Snack: Ritz crackers, lunch meat, cheese
Lunch: grilled cheese sandwich, fruit
Afternoon Snack: dry cereal, yogurt
Dinner: leftovers, salad, smoothies

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Amber said...

Thanks for posting this - it had never occurred to me to plan weekday snacks and lunches, but yet that makes so much sense! My kids get hungry like clockwork too, and I feel like I'm always scrambling to figure out what to throw at them.

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