Thursday, June 12, 2008

Preschool Decision. BFIAR.

I finally decided on my preschool curriculum for Anthony! I'll be using Before Five in a Row. Why? Well, the fact that I've used it with Marco (successfully) is the main reason. The second reason is that it is an extremely gentle program that even a 2 year old can do. Thirdly, there is little or no prep time in what you are doing, so this make a great fit into my schedule. Lastly, the books they use are wonderful and we own most of them already.

I'll also be adding some Kumon books now and then for him to do, as well as using the Leap Frog videos. Overall, I think this combination will be perfect for him. There is still so much time before he gets to kindergarten age (2 years!), so I'm not worried about doing anything that's above being read to and getting into a structured day.

Here are a couple of websites with BFIAR stuff. Check them out!

Homeschool Share BFIAR: This is the best site with resources including lapbooks, field trip ideas, animal classification cards, and so much more!

FIAR Forums: This website is a forum with posts on what everyone else is doing with FIAR. Lots of ideas on implementing and planning.

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