Monday, May 5, 2008

Back Again!

I've been on hiatus this past week. Between dance rehearsals with Isabella, doctor appointments, and packing for a weekend at the was getting hectic! But now we are back again! We were at Pawley's Island, SC this weekend and it was a fantastic little trip!

Traveling with the kids is becoming a little easier now that they are getting older. Granted, we are moving from trying to console infants to trying to console preschoolers and bigger kids...but they at least can reason a lot better than a baby! I also think that traveling with friends makes a big difference.

Now it's back to organizing and planning for the new year. I have yet to start scheduling our history, but that was expected. In the mean time, enjoy some pictures of our mini-getaway! (And yes...that is Marco dancing with the flower girl!)

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