Sunday, May 18, 2008

A Pirate Production.

It seems that the creative energy is flowing in our household. The whole family spent the late afternoon in our playroom. While DH completed some work on the computer, I spent some time organizing, and the kids played dress-up.

After about an hour, they came up with a musical number all on their own! It was the "Pirates and the Robot." The opening act included Marco and Isabella singing about being pirates. They then introduced the robot (played by Anthony), and the three of them sang and sang while aboard their "pirate ship."

I love this about having kids!!! Where else can you get first rate entertainment without having to go to Broadway?

Marco and Isabella open the scene with a song aboard their pirate ship.

Robot Anthony joins them for the second act.

The final act stars all three kids singing the "Pirate, Robot Song."

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Pattie said...

SWEET! Thanks for sharing!

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