Monday, May 19, 2008

Homeschool Planner Is Done!!

I'm proud to announce that I have finally finished organizing my planner for the new year! I'm very excited because I have all my Angelicum lesson plans in it along with my weekly planner and schedules. I organized it with a 15 tab, table of contents since I have so many different subjects. At first glance, it looks a bit overwhelming. But once I get things in's all good!

I'm listing all that is contained within my new, wonderful book!

Table Of Contents
1Weekly Planner
2Toddler/Preschool Activities
3Saxon Math4-5 Times a Week
(Lesson Plans, Book Lists)
3 Times a Week
(Good Books, Enrichment Reading)
4-6 Times a Week
6Language Arts
(Sing, Spell, Read, Write)
4-5 Times a Week
7Language Arts
(Shurley Grammar)
4 Times a Week
8Language Arts
(English from the Roots Up)
1 Time a Week
(Schedule, Lesson Plans)
2-4 Times a Week
(Our Heavenly Father, Seton)
4 Times a Week
11Cartography1 Time a Week
12Music1 Time a Week
13Foreign Language
(Spanish, Latin)
Varies, Daily Spanish Practice

Apart from these tabs, I also have some blank paper for notes and a field trip log sheet. I'm keeping this full of field trip ideas that might correlate with our studies or just fun things to do! In my pockets I also keep our library receipt for books checked out and a calendar.

The Breakdown
Music is weekly piano lessons. We are still using Music for Little Mozarts and will progress from there as Marco's piano teacher sees fit. Isabella will also be starting piano using book 1 of the same program. We will also be visiting with Usborne's First Book of the Recorder for fun.

Art will be rotated and done every couple of weeks using Draw, Write, Now and Drawing with Children. This is mostly in here for fun.

For philosophy we are using Elfie as suggested by Angelicum Academy. It's a small book that is to be completed over the course of 2 years.

Foreign Language is a big one. I'm trying to get the kids to speak Spanish again, so this is my top priority. Besides speaking practice daily, we'll be using Espanol para Chiquitos. Latin will be Prima Latina at a very leisurely pace.

National Geographic Map Essentials will be used for cartography. These are short weekly lessons.

For religion, we are using the Faith and Life Series of Our Heavenly Father as our spine. We will be reading from the Seton Religion for Young Catholics 1 on a daily basis, probably after our daily devotions and prayers.

Science, as you have previously read, is Living Learning Books accompanied by Harcourt Science. This is my DH's baby, so he wants to do science all the time...year round...forever.

For history we'll be using SOTW accompanied by RC History for a little Catholic spin. Won't be too in depth since Marco is young and he'll be revisiting history later in his years.

Since Isabella's kindergarten materials correlate with what Marco is doing (math, phonics, religion, philosophy, etc.) I'm just going to be scheduling them both in my weekly planner.

So far I can say that I love the materials used by Angelicum Academy for first grade!! We are all excited to start a new year soon!


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful blog you have and so organized! Im jealous! =)

Love2Smile @ welltrained mind boards

Tina said...

Very nicely done! :)

~Tina in WA (WTM)

Good Remedy said...

I was wondering what you had been up to! But now I see. Very exciting and glad to see you have such a long list of subjects in mind for the year. I thought I was going overboard myself, picking too many things to study, but see I am in good company! Enjoy summer

Anonymous said...

Great job! Don't you just love the look of a pristine planner? :)

my5wolfcubs said...

I love it! I currently have my plans-in-progress in 3 separate previous used for other things spiral notebooks! Seeing other organized always inspires me... :)
I've really enjoyed reading your blog.
Lee (from the WTM board)

Amber said...

Your planner looks wonderful! I'm in the throes of planning for next year (tentative start date, Aug 18) and I'm just about ready to think about what my planner is going to look like. Thanks for sharing yours, it is always neat to see how other people get their minds around all that we have going on when we homeschool!

Calming Tea said...

Very nice blog. I enjoyed looking at it and checking out what's going on with some Catholic homeschoolers, too. I was raised Catholic and my stepsister is Catholic and is thinking of homeschooling. It's great to see all the options out there for her.

In Christ,
Calming Tea from WTM board

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