Friday, January 25, 2008

Our Schoolroom!

Finally! Our schoolroom is pretty much done and I have just one update to make to it and that's the addition of a cubical bookcase to replace my plant stand (it's the one holding our Staples catch all!). Thanks to everyone who's posted their own schoolrooms for me to get inspiration from. I can honestly say that this is the best organized room in the house and the most used! I tried to show as many views as possible and put some descriptions below the pics. By the way, the room used to be our rarely used dining room.

Keep 'Em Busy Games: Stuff I take out when I need to distract the kids while I'm working one-on-one. I try to rotate them every couple of weeks.

School Supplies: Everything is in its own bin. From crayons to glue sticks and scissors to fasteners. Keeping everything separated helps me find things fast!

Current Curriculum: All the stuff we are currently using for our schoolwork. ETC, Saxon Math, handwriting, etc.

Reading Books: These are our fun to read books. I pick out a few every day to read out loud. I also rotate them with our books located in the basement play/school room.

Supplies Drawer: Rolls of paper, manipulatives, laminator, etc. Stuff that can't fit in a small bin.

2 Week Bin: I call it this because we replenish this with new books every 2 weeks. This is where we keep all our library books and some of our own books.

Toddler Bin: I keep this bin on the floor handy for our 2 year old. I try and change the toys out regularly. It helps when I have to say, "Anthony, why don't you play with those toys while we finish up here."

Map Wall: I change this as we change what we are doing. I like to post up displays when we do certain unit studies, but the map is usually always up.

Drawer Organizer: This is what really keeps all my paper in check! I have construction paper, unit studies, finished work, and everything else stored in this thing.

Flip Board: I move this out of the way when we are using the dry erase board. On the back side I also keep a pocket holder with all our centers.

Centers: These are basically all "take to your seat" centers. It took forever to get this many together, but I love them!

Finally, this is my dilemma. What do I do with this wall? But up our word pocket chart? Hang art? Put another bulletin board? Any ideas are welcome!! I'll post a new picture once I decide what to do with the empty wall.


Anonymous said...

What a cute schoolroom. I love red. I have no idea what to do with that wall, but judging from the rest of the room you'll think of something spectacular!

Remudamom from WTM

mum2twelve said...

Dry Erase board so that in essense - it stays free...


aka the woman who was "free" yesterday at Co-op!

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