Monday, January 28, 2008

Our Daily School Schedule

Saxon Math

  • Finish up to Lesson 65


  • Water activities & worksheets


  • Fox Hops independent reading


  • Reading (PP) pg.58
  • Review (PP) pg.55 words (write 4-6 words)
  • Explode the Code pg. 14-16


  • Water Unit Study/Lapbook to go with MFW


  • Rosary prayers

Unit Studies

  • Map Unit Study


  • ZB pg. 45-48


  • Piano Practice

This week we are tackling the water cycle. We'll be working on a water lapbook and some experiments. As for all the 3 R's, we are moving along.

I wanted to post what my daily school schedule looks like. I just post this thing on our board and I know what we have to do. I now do a daily schedule because things were getting out of hand with planning 2 weeks in advance. We never really ended up doing what was on schedule because we were either moving faster than expected or slower. Daily planning also helps me get myself together. I sit down the night before and spend 30 minutes making the plan and taking out all our supplies. When we get up in the morning and start the day, everything is all set to go!

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Todd Brown said...

I just wrote a comment and it got deleted when I was looking back at your blog. Oh well - I WAS saying that this is terrific and I think I would be happy to school at your home! You are organized and have enthusiasm and they go hand-in-hand for successful homeschooling.
For your blank wall, I would have it be your Catholic wall, and put up your crucifix, Catholic calendar with feast days, statues, paschal candle, saint pictures, rosaries, kneeler - you could tie it in with whatever you are studying (like the rosary, I noticed).
My children thought Christian's photo was hilarious - think you should measure that tongue for Guinness World records!

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