Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Getting It Together.

Honestly. I don't know how you other homeschooling, blogging moms do it. Lately, it seems that posting even the smallest thing is something I can't get to. I admire all you who do so much and still are able to keep your blogs rolling!

Continuing on with my failure to keep up...I haven't been posting on our MFW projects. It takes a little more time for me to actually remember what we did since I'm not a daily blogger. So as a favor to only myself, I am going to stop and just let you all know that I'm still doing all the activities from MFW. You are just going to have to get the program to figure out all the fun stuff for yourself!! ;)

On the up-note, I finally have semi-settled on our first grade curriculum! I have even purchased the majority of the books! Left on my things to get are our science kits (ants, butterflies, frogs, etc.). But I will gladly post a list of all the stuff we are going to use. I'm really very excited about it!

For now I promise to be back, but I can't promise when. Thanks for being so patient with me!

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