Wednesday, January 23, 2008

First Grade Curriculum.

So if it isn't obvious by now, we are following recommendations from the Well Trained Mind. So far this is our 1st grade curriculum. There will, of course, be plenty of read alouds and unit studies (I can't resist a fun unit study!).


We are moving on with Saxon Math 2. I have enjoyed teaching with Saxon and the use of its manipulatives. It is a spiral approach to math, which we really enjoy around here.


I'm hoping to finish with Phonics Pathways this year. It has been a great program so far and we all enjoy the learning games that help solidify phonics learning. I highly recommend this book since it is all in one.


We are still deciding on what readers to continue with. For the moment, we love Nora Gaydos and Bob Books. Eventually, I'm sure we'll spread out into others.


This was a tough decision, but we are leaning towards Spelling Workout A and then moving to B. I really enjoyed the My Catholic Speller series, so it might be a toss up in the end or a combination of both!


This was an easy choice. First Language Lessons for the Well Trained Mind.


Here we will be tackling reading about the Ancients as outlined in WTM. We are also going to be enriching our literature with Veritas Press First Favorites. This is a comprehension guide full of activities to accompany books such as Caps for Sale, Cuorduroy, Floss, and other great books. Since the kids enjoy hands-on so much, we might also incorporate some Literature Pockets to help keep it fun.


Zaner Bloser is going to be our handwriting program of choice. I think it's a good move from Handwriting Without Tears.


Story of the World 1 & Activity Guide along with the Kingfisher History Encyclopedia.


We will be using Uncle Josh Maps and possible tackling some geography unit studies along the way. Galloping the Globe is something we are thinking about supplementing with, if time allows.


Living Learning Books is my ultimate choice for science. It follows the WTM, classical sequence, but all the planning work is already done for you!


The Faith and Life Series will be our catechism for the upcoming years. I really like the layout and the content is wonderful!


We are continuing with Drawing with Children. A great program!


Piano lessons will continue with Mr. Schafer along with listening to a variety of great music.

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Mrs. Knickrehm said...

OK - so I finally got a few moments to sit down and look at this page.... girl, you ROCK!~~~~

The best part's all here in one place for me to shamelessly stel ideas (haha)

I LOVE the way your classroom is set up - the centers, map, etc. etc.

Happy blogging - I'll check in!

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