Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Keeping Busy.

So we never got around to doing all the wonderful things I had planned for the weekend. My fun, 4th of July crafts are still in my drawer and we missed out on fireworks with friends. Plans can never be set when you have sick children! But I'm glad that some of them are getting better. Unfortunately, little Jimmy has caught whatever bug they had and now he's pretty miserable.

But we keep moving forward!! I'm working on a little space in our school room that I'm excited to share with you. I can't blog about it now since it's not ready and I want to have pictures and everything. BUT...I will let you know what we did today that can maybe give you a clue!

We spent the morning reviewing lessons and then finally got to some fun stuff. And if you wonder, we have all the Teacher's Helper CD's from Nippert & Co. Artworks. We love them and have most of their books and other products!! Anyways...it was nice to depart from our regularly scheduled activities to have a bit of fun doing crafts.

And like I mentioned earlier, these crafts go along with what we've been preparing for our school room! I think you can guess the theme of what we are working on!

We started off with colored pencils and a print-out for a "cootie catcher" featuring the Beatitudes.

Here is a finished product! These are great!! A Beatitude Cootie Catcher!

Pick a number.

See if you can memorize all of the Beatitudes!!

While we colored, Christian got a little bored and decided to play with "Father Nick"...another clue to what our little project is all about!!

"Father Nick" is a paper doll that helps the kids learn their liturgical colors. Each one of the kids has their own and although I was waiting to use them once our school room project was done, they couldn't wait and I couldn't resit letting them play with their paper dolls. They each colored and cut their own, after all!

Any guesses? Little by little it's getting done and hopefully by next week, my little project will be done!! It will, however, always be a work in progress.


termc2 said...

Where can I get a "Father Nick"? I teach Catechesis of the Good Shepherd and it is perfect for Liturgical Colors....thank you for your help and what a great site! Well done...

Anonymous said...

Where did you get the beatitudes cootie catcher?

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