Thursday, July 29, 2010

Gathering Books.

Well we are almost at August and I still haven't gotten all my books!! This year has been a very different one from the past. Usually, I've had all our books and supplies by the end of July...along with lesson plans, planners, and our schedules. This year is different in many ways.

First of all, we have this giant new house to completely settle into. All the unpacking is mostly done, expect for a few boxes here and there. But the organization is NOT DONE!! There are still bedrooms lacking curtains, painting, decorations, etc. I'm not feeling like I'm in a hurry to do it all. After all, we plan on staying here for a very long time and I want to take things slow so that it comes out just how I want it to. But regardless of how slow I take things, it's still a new house that has put a big dent into how I manage my time.

Then there's our guests. We have been so fortunate to have friends and family visit us in our new home! And this is NOT A COMPLAINT! But having visitors does take away time from planning our school and getting things done. We have been living in our home for almost 4 months now...and we have had guests staying with us for 7 weeks out of those 4 months!!! And as little as my duties to host may have been, I let it interfere with my plans to work out our new school plans.

And why am I still gathering books?'s expensive! Purchasing books and supplies for 4 children quickly adds up. Add that to the expenses of buying a house and moving in (well, actually settling in has been pricier!). I've never been one to limit myself in what I need to buy for the kids' education...but let's just say that I'm a lot more aware of how quickly all the expenses add up. It makes me feel like I need to space things out more.

In the end, I should hardly complain. Our books are 95% purchased. But there is still so many lovely books that would be so fun to have!! I'm actually making a list. And if I ever see anything on my list at a good price...I'm snatching it up!

How do all of you with large families gather your books? Is it a one-time spending trip? Or more of a gradual thing, like what I'm doing this year? And let me tell you....I don't like the gradual buying. I'm a need it and get it kind of girl.

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Xhonane Olivas said...

I buy most of my books at Seton and CHC online. CHC has free shipping at the end of everyshool year. Only once I bought them at a conference, that also saves shipping.

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